Where can I find a club in order to participate? 
Most, if not all clay target clubs will welcome the WAYESS prgoram. Click here to find a club near you.

My daughter/son particpates in another youth shotgun program. Will he or she need to choose which program to participate in?
Absolutely not. The WAYESS is a continuation and or additionl program for young clay target shooters to participate in. About 65% of the sctp program are active 4-H shotgunners, FFA shotgunners and Scouts. The balance is made up of individuals forming thier own teams.
It is ecouraged that athletes find friends that would like to shoot and form their own teams/squads. If a squad is short members, we can fill the spots with other members.

Who will my child be competing against?
The WAYESS has competitive divisions: 
Novice Division  5th graders 
Junior Division: Grades 6-8
Senior Division 9-12

Teams and squads can be made up of both genders and skill levels.

What does it cost?
State Advisors, Board Members, Advisory Committee Members, Coaches, Assistant Coaches and volunteers have a yearly registration fee of $25.00. This covers liability insurance anywhere in the United States, background checks and the Double-Gold Coach Course. ALL adults volunteering directly wih WAYESS athletes MUST be registered with the USAYESS.
Athlete membership is $15.00 per athlete. Each athlete is issued a membership card with a perminent ID number.
There are other costs involved; such as ammunition, which can be anywhere from $5.00 to $12.00 per box. Targets can run anywhere from $2.00 per round of 25 targets to $8.00, depending on the club. Sporting Clays can be more.
Also, eye and ear protection, shooting vests, pouches and as with any other sport there are all those COOL things!
Some clubs will have loaner eye and ear protection and a few might also have rental shotguns. Should the athlete decide that they would like to compete for the State Championship, which costs about $30+/- or the National Championship, wich costs about $50+/-, they would need to join the particulay National Governing Body (NGB) of that discipline. All NGB's offer youth discounts. This cost will run anywhere from $10 to $20 dollars, depending on the NGB. In the case of skeet and sporting clays; the NSSA and NSCA have a crossfire program. Where when an athlete signs up in one venue, lets say skeet, they are automaticlly able to participate in the sporting clays under the same membership number.
NSSA - NSCA have a 'Complimentary Limited Membership', that they give to any first time members. Also, youth who have family members who are already NSSA-NSCA members pay $10 for membership. If they do not have any family members who are members the membership is $20.

What if there is no team in our area?
The WAYESS prgogram does not allow 'Cherry Picking'. But if your child wants to participate in the WAYESS, they can become team members of the closest team to their club or form their own team. A team may consist of one or more shooters, plus an adult head coach. Obviously, a one shooter team can not compete in squad events, but may compete in individual events. Please contact your state advisor for futher information.

What is the best gun for my child to shoot with?
Whatever the athlete feels comfortable with. The goal of the program is to engourage, make sure everyone is safe and having fun. Your local sporting good store can direct you to a good gun fitter. Keep in mind that gun fit is a huge part of comfort and success. If the gun does not fit properly, it will 'kick more', and hitting targets will be more difficult. Thus discourage even a seasoned athleted, let alone a first timmer.
Try differnt guns before making a decision on any one in specific. And keep in mind, that there are a ton of good used shotguns for sale. Semi-Autos and Over/Unders are more versitile than single shot. WAYESS does not allow pull triggers.

What are chokes?
There are several types of chokes; Extra Full, Full, Improved Modified, Modified, Improved Cylinder, Skeet and Cylinder. Not all chokes have discriptions on them, some have astricks, some have numbers, while others have notches. 
There are flush mount chokes which screw into the muzzel, are flush with the muzzel and need to be inserted and removed with a tool. Then there are thumb chokes which are inserted into the muzzel using your fingers. Thumb chokes are becoming the chokes of choice for clay target shooters as they do not require a tool to be changed. This is very handy when shooting sporting clays.
Chokes are used in shotguns to help with different target presentations. Trap shooters like a tighter choke, usually a modified or full choke, because trap is a long disctance shot.
Lets use a shot at about 20 yards:
With a full choke the pattern will open up to about a  12 inch circle.
With a modified choke at the same distance the shot will spread out to about an 18 inch circle.
With and improved cylinder choke at the same distance, the shot will spread out to about a 24 inch circle.
With a cylinder or skeet choke at the same distance, the shot will spread out to about a 36 inch circle.

Who will be coaching my child?
All WAYESS instructors, coaches and staff are certified by USAYESS and by their particular organization. The USAYESS does a background check on all adults involved with the athletes. There are no exceptions t this rule. Most of the time coaches will work with athletes in their particular field of expertise. But it is possible of a skeet, trap or sporting clays coach/instructor to also work with athletes in other disciplines. It all depends on availability and volunteeres.
From time to time coaching/instructor's clinics and certification classes will be made available for those who would like to improve their coaching/instruction educaton. And there is a difference between a coach and instructor!

How often should they pracite?
WAYESS teams/squads are required to hold six (6) practices per season with their coach. 4-H or any other organizational pratices that are held with their coach are counted as WAYESS practices. Success depends on the amount of time invested in practice...just like any other sport.

How many events must the athletes attend?
It is realized that other organizations have their own events. The WAYESS holds tournaments as well, including the WAYESS state championship and USAYESS Nationals. The WAYESS events should not interfer with any other organizations events.  In order to participate in the USAYESS Nationals athletes MUST compete in the WAYESS State Champinship. 
The State and National Championships are registered events and those who wish to compete in these events MUST be registered members of the National Governing Bodies (NGB'S). Each NGB has a reduced price for youth, please visit their web sites for more information.
WASCTP will also hold fun shoots in order to raise money to help support the program and to send athletes to compete for a national title.

Which disciplines will be available for the athletes to participate in?
Atheletes can participate in any or as many disciplines as they want. It is very common to see skeet and sporting clays athletes competeing in each others events. Some athletes compete in all three major disciplines; skeet, trap and sporting clays. Also available are the Internationl disciplines of Bumnker Trap and Olymipc Skeet. 
It all depends on what a particular club has to offer and most importantly, what the athlete wants to compete in. No athlete will be forced to participate in any event that they do not wish to compete in.

Who can go to nationals?
Any athlete can go to nationals as long as they have competed in their state's WAYESS Championship.  
For each five athletes it is recomended that there be at least one adult/coach. 
How many and who can go will bepend on the funds available from fund raisers.
If an athlete wishes to attend the nationals with their own funding, they are more than welcome to do so. And many do. But we will do our best to secure and raise enough funds to cover a portion of the ammunition used throughout the season and field at least the top squad from each discipline. Nothing is free in life, the athletes, parents and volunteers will need to help raise funds and be involved in charitable community events.

How can I help?
There is always room for more volunteers within the program, regardless of experience. Please visit WASCTP Contacts on this site to see where help is needed and feel free to contact any one in that section .

How many times can athletes attend the national championships?
Athelets can attend every year until they graduate from college. 

Are there shotgun programs available after they graduate from high school?
Absolutely. More and more colleges are introducing collegiate shotgun programs due to the fast growing USAYESS. Including universities such and Texas A&m, Purdue, Yale Harvard and seven time National Collegiate Shotgun Champions Lindenwood University. Also more and more colleges are offering shooting scholarships. For more on collegiate program please visit the Collegiate Programs section on this site.

Where are the nationals held?
Nationals are held at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio Texas.

Are there programs to help off set some of the costs?
Absolutely. WAYESS has partnered with several manufacturers and organizations, such as the Mule Deer Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, Pheasants Forever, Big Horn Sheep Foundation, Zander's Sporting Goods, MidwayUSA Foundation and others who all contribute to WAYESS in one form or another. See Promotions. Go to the 'Promotions' tab

Where can I find information about the MidwayUSA Foundation grants?
  • On the Home Page click on "Find a Team. Fund a Team". This will take you the endowment accounts. 
  • On the Home Page click on "Grants", and then click on "Team Grants" you will be able to see when and how to apply for funds from your team's account.
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