Collegiate Programs
Finishing High School Doesn't Have to Mean Finishing the Shooting Sports

Youth shooting programs are extremely popular nationwide with students in grades 12 and under. Opportunities to compete in the shooting sports are widely available through programs like the USAYESS Boy Scouts of America, FFA and 4-H.

As these students go off to college, many would jump at the opportunity to get involved or continue their participation in the shooting sports -- just like athletes in other sports.
About the program

The ACUI Clay Target Championships program provides a quality experience for students that teaches them fair play, concentration, logic skills, and enhances interpersonal relationships. This furthers ACUI's goal of creating meaningful communities. For over 40 years, ACUI has partnered with the host facility, sponsors, and teams from across the United States for this event.This is the only collegiate event with featuring all five events: International Skeet and Trap, American Skeet and Trap, and five-stand sporting clays. Registration is based on a first come, first serve basis and has fees associated with each event. All students are required to prove they meet eligibility requirements by submitting a  form approved by the school registrar .
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Wyoming State University
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